Innamorati Peynet 2015-02-12_047

Peynet lovers – Painted cake and cookies with royal icing

Hi all! Today I want to show you the project for “my” Valentine’s Day cake and cookies, inspired by the most famous lovers, “Les amoureux”  of Peynet! I tried to catch his style for the topper, painted on fondant, and also on the cookies, made with real icing. For now I put the disc on […]

Anna Animators collection 2015-01-13_Collage

Disney Frozen Anna baby

Hi all. during the weekend I have been working on the beautiful baby princess Anna of the Disney Animators Collection. These are the baby versions of the famous Disney princesses, and I really like (and in fact my little girl, who is not so little :), has the whole collection !!!!) So, I started from […]